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6th August 2014

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les miserables + tumblr posts (inspired by this and other such posts)

This made me alittle upset, Because I absolutely fucking love this movie, But at the same time I can’t breathe because I’m laughing so hard, And I dunno which is more accurate.

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19th June 2014


Anonymous said: I miss you.

It helps if I know who this is /:

22nd August 2013


Some people, Just.. HOLY FUCK.

There’s those people out there that have that face that you just wanna punch ‘till it looks better.

Then there’s the people who’s attitudes are so terrible, You wanna beat the fuck out of them.

THEN there’s the people, Who do the smallest little things that piss you off SO fucking much. But you don’t do anything. You know why? Cause they’re the people who you hold closest. The people whose faces you don’t wanna bunch, & Attitudes you don’t wanna beat out of them. They’re special.

But not special enough to not piss you off.

21st August 2013

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chef-frick-frackle said: -whispers-Haaaay

Hay haaayy

9th August 2013


My bad day solution. →

Whenever I have a bad day, I just listen to bagpipes.  It’s empowering.  At least ‘till someone/something knocks me down again. Then I just get back up and listen to bagpipes while kicking the ass of whatever/whoever did it.

7th August 2013

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Bet you can’t guess which ones.

Bet you can’t guess which ones.

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24th July 2013

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Level up!

You are now level 17. Congratulations!

17th July 2013


The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.
— James A. Baldwin

9th June 2013


Fall Out Boy’s “Save Rock And Roll” Album

Probably the best I’ve heard this year. <3

6th June 2013


chef-frick-frackle said: How long you growing out for?

From June 3rd until school starts up again in August

6th June 2013


chef-frick-frackle said: Hi. I like your beard.

Why thank ya. Gimme a week or two and it’ll be better :p

6th June 2013


Music = Life →

27th May 2013


Without music, life would be a mistake.
—  Friedrich Nietzsche